I use Redsmin everyday to manage our instances at crunchmagic
Waylon Flinn

Redsmin make me more productive with Redis keep it up!
John V. Coleman

Two seconds to connect my server to Redsmin, simple as hell.
Tim Post

Efficient workflow, use Redis faster.

Redsmin helps developers to be more efficient with every aspect of Redis.

  • Select multiple amongst connected Redis instances

    Manage all your Redis instances in one place. (Support for Shards and Cluster is coming soon).

  • Finding keys in Redis has never been simpler

    Editing key value has never been easier. Ever wanted to edit a zset or a hash field? With Redsmin you can.

  • Auto-refresh redis data from the editor

    Visualize your data in real-time.

  • Edit multiple Redis keys at the same time

    Ever wanted to remove all keys that match a pattern? Redsmin provides easy batch operation on multiple keys.

  • ssd

    Plot everything, visualize hash or a zset updated in real-time.

  • Redis online terminal with autocomplete and inline-documentation

    We live in the 21st century, it's time for a terminal with auto-complete (both on commands and keys) and inline documentation.

  • Monitor Redis

    Monitor everything ...

  • Monitor Redis

    ... in real-time.

  • Connect Redsmin to both direct and indirect/proxied instances.

  • Redis JavaScript API

    Embedded Redis JavaScript API. NodeJS node_redis API directly from your browser console.

  • Redis configuration at runtime

    Configure your Redis instance while Redsmin provides you autocomplete and inline-documentation!

  • Gmail-like shortcuts, because life is short enough.